Lab concert on May 23, IEM CUBE – 7.30h pm

Responsive Space

The project examines the relationship between different media layers in multimedial performances. This means not only the relation between music and visual projection, but also the relation to the space and the audience.  In this respect it is also important how the viewers are involved in the work and what meanings and artistic expressions are derived from media and their technical prerequisites.

The setup uses the Cube’s multi-channel speaker system with additional mobile speakers (Cloudspeaker) and the mobile devices of the audience. This offers the possibility of a great diversity in the spatial distribution of sound and image. With this setting i try I examine and expand the possibilities of artistic expression within the combination and interplay of different media layers.

Each viewer gets his own version of the piece projected onto the mobile device. The uncertainty not to be able to survey the whole, instead only to be able to experience the personal point of view is emblematic of the use of media (smartphones, the Internet) and their social and political implications.

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