Die Neukoms

‚Die Neukoms‘ is performing with 4 laptops and one modular synthesizer. Instead of amplifying the performance only with standard loudspeakers, the Ensemble chose to stream their content to a Wifi Router, on which the audience can logon with their smartphones and/or pads. The differences in receiving speed and buffering on the different devices causes a spatialization which will be defined with a degree of randomness.

The more audients will log onto the system, the more diverse the combination of musically chosen layers and accents of sound will be presented in the acoustical space. A sonotope of small devices will come into existence, presenting a variety garden of audible colors.

By doing this, the spatialization becomes part of the audience‘s activity, thereby making them part of the performance. It is possible, and stimulated, that audients will move and thereby change the image of spatialization. On a social level, it brings individuals together into one varied group, still each with individual character.


‚Die Neukoms‘ is a quintet which came into existance when 5 MA students started to think about another way they could perform and find a new format to present and integrate there musical ideas to and with the audience. Bojan Milosevic (Dig), Florian Bogner (Dig), Ken Gubler (Dig), Raimund Vogtenhuber (Dig), and Jeroen Visser (Ana) form a Digital/Analog Quintet with a special presentation.


Investigating an idea to change the impact of a performance on, and with an audience, a way is sought to reflect the progressing individuality in society while turning the audible experience of a concert into a group process.


‚Die Neukoms‘ can perform in any space offering a possibility for concentration on audible material. Although most of the audible material is presented by the small speaker systems of mobile devices, a small part will be amplified to compensate for low frequency loss and direct monitoring for the musicians.