Paper für Audio Mostly 2015

Mit der Einreichung „Die Neukoms. Local streamed
live-performance with mobile devices.“ sind Jeroen Visser und ich bei der Konferenz Audio Mostly 2015 vertreten. Die Konferenz findet am 7. bis 9. Oktober in Thessaloniki statt. Der Vortrag ist am 7. Oktober zwischen 12 best price levitra.00 und 13.30. Audio Mostly ist „conference for interaction with sound“ –

This paper is about the streaming of a live-performance to a local audience. The audience is invited to connect to a wireless stream using their personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as remote loudspeakers. In this way the streamed audio will be spatialized by the mobile devices and the participating audience thus become part of the performance. Such a setup was explored in several live-performances of a group of composers-musicians called Die Neukoms. The performers strive to augment the impression of liveness when performing electro-acoustic music, and at the same time probe into alternative performer-listener relationships. Therefore they explore the effect of spatialization and the diffusion in time of the audio stream using personal mobile devices. By involving the audience in the process of the performance, this also ruptures the classical performers-listeners paradigm.


Die Neukoms. Performance in Venice 2014.

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